We care about the quality of your experience at San Juan de la Isla, it’s directly related to how happy our lodge team is with their work. If they love their work, we know you also will. We’re locals. The majority of our lodge work team is from communities around San Juan de la Isla. So, work is close to home for us and many of our staff continue to seasonally farm family plots of land each year, a several thousand-year-old tradition, one that is part of every islander´s cultural identity. We train each staff member, so each one understands the importance of making our visitors feel at home and feel a true part of our unique work community. On this page we have a brief profile of some of our beloved staff. We all look forward to serving you soon.

Cesar Correa Oquel

General Manager and Co-Founder of San Juan del la Isla, as well as transforming the Finca San Juan to a sustainable, diverse EcoFarm and founded the Ometepe Arts & Culture School to help make a positive impact on the future of the islands’ children. A graphic designer, publisher, photographer he has a long history of documenting Nicaragua’s rich culture and art.

Mariángeles Lindo

Administrative manager of the lodge and farm, she has a degree in art and literature and has been an entrepreneur since her youth. She has administered many creative projects in the past from audio-visual to books, magazines and tour guides. She is responsible for keeping San Juan de la Isla running tip top overseeing quality control and well as inventory.


Operations and front desk manager at San Juan de la Isla for the last 10 years, Karolina is a native of the nearby settlement of El Estrecho and the daughter of the longtime farm manager Don Saul. She studied business management in Managua and loves to cook and dance in her free time.

Mercedes Silva

Our accountant, a young professional with a degree in public finance, she lives in Managua and makes sure our books are always in balance. Her favorite pastime is traveling around Nicaragua.


A native of the close by Sabana community, he is our head of maintenance. Douglas has been with us for eight years, he also works with his family farming, can hold his own in accounting and has a tech degree in mechanics. His mother is a community organizer and father a leader of an agro-cooperative nearby.


Ernesto is the chef in the hotel’s restaurant, he has been working five years with us, he went to the culinary school in El Salvador and some other trainings here in Nicaragua, in his spare time he grows and sells plantains. He lives in the close by Urbaite community. He is an expert in traditional Nicaragua cooking and also owns an informal catering service for island events.


From Tilgue and part of a family that has worked in the Finca San Juan for more than 20 years, he is one of our expert gardeners. He is a park ranger for our nature reserve, works as a local guide and also finds time to play soccer in the island league. His mother cooks for our farm workers. All part of our big family.


Another one of our expert gardeners and park rangers, Marvin worked for years in the banana plantations of Costa Rica before returning home to join us at San Juan de la Isla two years ago. A native of Sabana, he comes from a family of traditional island farmers that grow corn, rice, cantaloupes and watermelons.


One of our chefs, Yestin is a native of San José del Sur, but currently resides in Altagracia. Not only is he a master of the kitchen, but also open flamed ovens and makes a mean wood-fired pizza. He is a lover of learning and takes on new task quickly and with great enthusiasm.


One of our cooks, she has 4 years of service to our restaurant and is famous for her cooperative nature, friendly character and solid work ethic. She started out cleaning the kitchen, but quickly moved up to become one of our most important kitchen staffers and key cook.


One of our friendly and beautiful waitresses at the lodge restaurant, Margarita has been serving our visitors for over two years.  After a stint as a maid in Costa Rica she has now returned to Nicaragua and Ometepe Island to join us serving meals to the song of lake breezes.

Juan José

A native of Sabana and our most experienced waiter, Juan José has 6 years serving our guests on the lake front and he is also a good cook and baker, as well as our resident expert in vegan drinks, like his noteworthy celery, mint, basil and lime smoothie. He is from a family of traditional farmers and has plantain groves at home


One of our housekeeping staff, Susana is from the community of Sintiope and has been with us for six years. The leader of an extended family home with 25 members, she is known for her persistent smile, great discipline and traditional way of life.